Super Chill Surf Club, est. 2018: The Story

Super Chill Surf Club is about getting offline and back into nature while trying something new. We want to connect people who are intrigued by the idea of getting in the water to try a sport they might not know so much about- risk takers, big thinkers, and all around fun people.
— Rebekah Zabarsky, queen of the surf

The Super Chill Surf Club was founded by two wannabe surfer chicks on a winding bus ride through the coastal Moroccan town of Agadir. Rebekah Zabarsky and Nora Quinn are Angelenos who traveled a great distance for an experience that would forever change their lives.

Both beginner surfers, they zipped up their wetsuits and paddled into the unknown Moroccan surf during a weeklong wellness retreat. They caught a few waves, and -- inspired and humbled by their first steps and falls on a surfboard -- a new urge to bring this experience back to Los Angeles.

But surfing can be scary and exclusive to the beginner. There are rules, tricks, lineups...not to mention the stares of established surfers (and their sunkissed bods and perfect abs) keeping the newbies from jumping in. So they decided to start a club.

It had to be a club where curious people could come together to try something new without judgement. It had to be a club for surfers AND turfers who get just as excited about thrashing around in cold water as they do about drying out on the sand. It had to celebrate bravery without ego, and it had to be inclusive, engaging, and inviting for everyone.

In other words, it had to be super chill. As soon as the gals journeyed back to La La Land,  the Super Chill Surf Club was born.